About Us

Ayaans Services is the leading professional organization which cater all your business needs and helps you to simplify and automate your business process. We at Ayaans, have extensive exposure to Indian businesses across multiple verticals for various business offerings. We have comprehensive experience across Business development and Marketing .We also have experience in designing products and customising solutions to various verticals and markets, based on clear understanding of customer expectations.


We provide cost effective and value added Call Center solutions to our clients. We leverage on our experience and expertise to offer unmatched BPO & Call Center services. Our solutions are customized to reduce cost, increase productivity and quality.We combine expertise, skills and technology to deliver world class solutions..

A leader in providing bus- iness process outsourcing sol- utions, Ayaans develops fully integrated solutions for almost all industry verticals such as insurance, healthcare, banking, manufacturing industries, IT industries, among many more. We make available the combination...

We also offer you Interactive Voice Response Service enables you to offer Voice Telephony Audiotex services, including both live and recorded interactive voice services, to the consumer and business markets.

Ayaans is the leading prof- nessional organ- ization for branded content and content marketing in India Our members include the industry's top publishers, media companies and marketing agencies who create best-in-class, multi-channel programs and strategies for Indian and global brands.

Ayaans Services offers you high quality data entry out-sourcing serv-ices which is time-bound and cost-effective. Our use of latest technology helps us to enter accurate data from scanned images / physical documents and provide you with the best ecommerce data entry services in the outsourcing industry.

Ayaans offers high quality affordable dub-bing in different languages. Our in-house director works with a team of highly skilled accomplished actors to deliver you the best quality dubbing and recording services tailored to your budget. We manage every step of your project and provide a comprehensive...